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Pamplona screenings to feature ‘New Wave’ films

  • Date:2014-01-09
Pamplona screenings to feature ‘New Wave’ films

In cooperation with the Pamplona-based Navarra Film Library, the Economic and Cultural OfficeofTaipeiin Spain will co-organize the "Taiwan en Pantalla” (Taiwan in Screening) film screening series starting Jan. 9. Opening with Taiwan's "New Wave” era films, the event will showcase the works of Taiwanese directors Hou Hsiao-hsien and Tsai Ming-liang, as well as works by the late director Edward Yang, the three icons of the "New Wave” film period.

During the "New Wave” film period that originated in the 1980s, Taiwan saw its economy grow rapidly, resulting in huge social changes. Despite the urbanization and development brought on by capitalism, urban residents became increasingly indifferent to each other; this phenomenon is a common theme that is frequently discussed by these directors in their films. The first screening event utilizes the films "Dust in the Wind,” "Vive L'Amour,” and "Yi Yi: A One and a Two” to illustrate social changes in Taiwan from the 1980s to the 2000s.

"Dust in the Wind” by director Hou is scheduled to be screened at 8 P.M. on Jan. 9. Hou portrays the friendship between people in a rural town through his lens; the film examines the transition from a traditional society to a modern one by looking at the antagonist's growing experience from the lead actor's perspective.

The screening of Tsai's "Vive L'Amour” will follow on Jan. 16. The Malaysian-born, Taiwan-based director depicts the loneliness of urban residents and emphasizes their need to be redeemed by love. However, the director cruelly concludes that love will eventually disappoint them, and that loneliness is an inevitable aspect of modern society.

Yang's classic "Yi Yi” will wrap up the event's first series at 7:30 P.M. on Jan. 23. He examines the challenges and crises of modern individuals at different stages of their lives, and ponders the meaning of "things not being that complicated,” resulting in a film of romantic idealism set in a realistic urban environment.

The Taipei representative office in Madrid is launching the series under the direction of the Ministry of Culture, to promote Taiwanese films and documentaries of various themes in collaboration with professional institutes in Spain.

Prior to all three screenings, Spanish film critics will briefly introduce the films and the background of their times. More information is available at the event's Spanish-language website.