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Artist Lay Hsiang passes away at the age of 85

  • Date:2024-06-03
Artist Lay Hsiang passes away at the age of 85

Renowned author, artist, and videographer Lay Hsiang (雷驤) passed away on May 29 at the age of 85. Culture Minister Li Yuan mourns upon hearing the news. As a close friend of Lay, he remarked that Lay’s passion, curiosity, and artistic mind had a profound impact on his outlook on life.


Born in 1939 in Shanghai, China, Lay moved to Taiwan with his family in 1949. After graduating from the Fine Arts Department of Taiwan Provincial Normal School (Now National Taipei University of Education), he took on multiple roles, including elementary school teacher, television show producer, author, artist, and documentary director. 


Lay’s contributions across different fields were recognized by various awards such as the Golden Tripod Awards, Golden Goblet Awards, and Golden Bell Awards. In 2018, he received the honor of Taipei Culture Award. 


Lay made his authorial debut with his first novel “Dog (犬)” in 1967. Since then, he has tirelessly written his literary works, producing a total of 37 books, encompassing novels, prose, and picture books. Additionally, Lay is known for acute observations in his videography works, often highlighting the spirit of humanism in his documentation of life, family, and society.


The Ministry of Culture expressed gratitude towards Lay for his artistic practices, which were ingrained in everyday life, and dedication to promoting Taiwan’s culture.