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Minister Li Yuan visits cultural heritage sites in Yilan County

  • Date:2024-06-03
Culture Minister Li Yuan visits cultural heritage sites in Yilan County

Culture Minister Li Yuan visited Yilan County on June 1. Minister Li, along with Huang Pan-shu (黃伴書), the director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Yilan County, and Lin Tien-hung (林奠鴻), former president of the Greater Erjie Cultural Foundation (大二結文化基金會), visited two important cultural heritage sites in Yilan: the Erjie Wanggong Temple (二結王公廟) and the Erjie Rice Barn (二結穀倉).


The Erjie Wanggong Temple gained historical significance in 1997 when it became overcrowded and required extensive repairs and maintenance. This situation sparked a movement involving over a thousand residents who relocated the temple from its former site to its current location. The old site was eventually transformed into the Erjie Cultural Museum (二結庄生活文化館).


The process of moving the temple also inspired the community to reassess the value of cultural heritage, leading them to advocate for the preservation of the Erjie Rice Barn (二結穀倉). Their efforts resulted in the rice barn being recognized as a county-level monument in 1998. After undergoing restoration in 2011, it became one of the earliest regional cultural museums in the country.


Reflecting on the history of community-building movements in Yilan, Minister Li noted that these initiatives have transformed how local people view their culture and have inspired communities to reconstruct their culture and history. He also praised the pioneers in Yilan who launched several cultural movements in the country and served as role models for community-building.