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FOCA delivers exhilarating circus show in Kinmen despite sudden rain

  • Date:2024-06-17
FOCA delivers exhilarating circus show in Kinmen

The fourth leg of the Ministry of Culture’s “Cultural Tour: Theaters at Villages (文化平權巡演-庄頭劇場 藝日限定)” took place in Kinmen County on June 15. As a highlight of the main show, the Formosa Circus Art Group’s (FOCA) “Seabreeze Circus Party (海風馬戲派對)” delivered an exhilarating performance, with the audience determined to finish watching the show despite the sudden rain.


Established in 2011, FOCA is Taiwan’s first professional contemporary circus group and is dedicated to promoting circus arts in the country. Since 2017, FOCA has been recognized by the National Culture and Arts Foundation as a “Taiwan Top Performing Arts Group” for seven consecutive years.


The Ministry of Culture initiated the Cultural Tour to rejuvenate the performing arts industry and advocate for cultural equity, aiming to bring national-level productions to every corner of the country. The next show will be staged at the Dalin Sports Park (大林體育運動公園) in Chiayi County on June 29, featuring the Paper Windmill Theatre.