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NTCRI stages two exhibitions, highlighting restored crafts and pottery art

  • Date:2024-07-08
An Exhibition on Tea Wares and Restored Crafts

On July 5, the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI) held the inauguration ceremony for two exhibitions – “An Exhibition on Tea Wares and Restored Crafts (現代長物志-茶器與修復工藝)” and “Lo Chih Feng’s Solo Pottery Exhibition (燃後 煉土成器-羅志峰個人創作展).”


“An Exhibition on Tea Wares and Restored Crafts” features the works of Juci (鋦瓷, ceramic stapling) restorer Chang Jui-feng (張睿峰), paint artist Chang Li-ju (張李孺), and scholar Chang Kuo-ying (張國英). It showcases 222 creations under three themes: “Painting and Calligraphy,” “Collector’s Items,” and “Restored Works.”


“Lo Chih Feng’s Solo Pottery Exhibition” presents 47 pottery pieces by Lo Chih Feng (羅志峰), exploring the possibilities of pottery. The exhibition merges tradition and innovation by showcasing the integration of pottery with various materials.


Both exhibitions are open now at the Miaoli Branch of NTCRI until Dec. 15.