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2022 National Cultural Heritage Day kicks off

  • Date:2022-09-17

In response to this year's European Heritage Days "Sustainable Heritage" theme, the Ministry of Culture’s Bureau of Cultural Heritage (BOCH) collaborates with 22 local governments to hold the "International Heritage Mobile Exposition (全國文化資產行動博覽會)" from Sep. 17 to 18 to mark the 2022 National Cultural Heritage Day.

Revolving around the theme of "Sustainability and Future from Heritage (文化資產的永續與未來)," the exposition not only showcases the results of the Regeneration of Historic Sites (再造歷史現場計畫) and revitalization of cultural heritage projects, but also provides deep interactive experience activities for visitors, including art performances and exhibitions that combine traditional art and contemporary elements, traditional craft workshops, exchange markets, cultural heritage lectures, and more.

At the opening ceremony, Culture Minister Lee Yung-te stated that through the rich and diverse activities, he hopes it will bring the public closer to the precious cultural assets in Taiwan. He also stressed that MOC and BOCH will invest more resources in preservation, promotion, and development, so that the intangible cultural assets will become part of our civilized life in the future.

At the ceremony, BOCH specially commended 12 traditional craftsmen who previously received the National Cultural Heritage Preservations Award (國家文化資產保存獎) or Public Construction Golden Quality Award (公共工程金質獎), in recognition of their significant contributions to the restoration of cultural heritages.

In line with the 2022 National Cultural Heritage Day, 1,884 monuments or historic sites in Taiwan are open to the general public. Also, several exhibitions such as "Encounters Between Cultural Heritage And History (海之美~文資與歷史的相遇)" and "Textiles and Their Story: 2022 Textile Conservation Exhibition (織事-2022織品保存修護展)" are also on display at the Cultural Heritage Park. For more information about 2022 National Heritage Day, please visit BOCH's official website or Facebook page.