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Ju Percussion Group receives warm responses from audience at PASIC 2022

  • Date:2022-11-16

Ju Percussion Group (JPG, 朱宗慶打擊樂團), Taiwan's very first professional percussion band, was praised and loved by more than a thousand audiences for its evening concert at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) on Nov. 11.

The performance featured five compositions, including "BeyonD the bEnd (超越彎折)" composed by Gene Koshinski, "Seek (探)" composed by Lu Huan-wei (盧煥韋), "Solar Myth (射日)" composed by Chang Chiung-ying (張瓊櫻), "Attraction 2 (吸引力之二)" composed by Emmanuel Séjourné, and "Tsá-Tshi (菜市仔)" composed by Kao Han-yen (高瀚諺). The performance reached its climax when the group members performed the "Tsá-Tshi," which was the last piece of the show, and shouted out "welcome to Taiwan" to the audience.

JPG artistic director Ju Tzong-ching (朱宗慶) stated that during the performance, each composition received enthusiastic cheers and standing ovations from the audience, which deeply moved him and the group members. Ju added that not only were they in disbelief, but also the organizer told him it was an unprecedented scene.

After two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, JPG began to resume its participation in physical international exchange events. Director of the Taipei Cultural Center in New York Chang Hui-chun (張惠君) said that JPG is the pioneer of contemporary percussion music in Taiwan, and also one of the top percussion groups on the world stage.

This year's PASIC took place at the Indianapolis Convention Center, US from Nov. 9 to 12. The four-day event showcased all areas of percussion — drum set, marching, keyboard, symphonic, world, recreational, education, music technology, new music, and health and wellness.