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President encourages graduates to engage in cultural activities with MOC vouchers

  • Date:2023-06-07
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The Ministry of Culture started distributing NT$1200 worth of "Culture Points" to young adults aged 18 to 21 in Taiwan on June 6. Coinciding with the high school graduation season, the Ministry organized a special multi-school graduation celebration at Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School on the same day of the "Culture Points" rollout.

President Tsai Ing-wen returned to her alma mater to grace the ceremony and offer congratulations to the graduates. Meanwhile, she encouraged the graduates to celebrate the beginning of their adulthood by soaking up cultural experiences. President Tsai urged them to make use of the "Culture Points" to visit arts and cultural venues such as bookstores, museums, and theaters. Recognizing that embarking on a new journey in life evokes different emotions, President Tsai hopes that everyone can transform these feelings into motivation and diligently pursue their dreams.

The "Coming-of-Age Cultural Vouchers" initiative was proposed by the MOC last year, taking reference from the measures implemented by European countries. Acknowledging that three cohorts of students have been denied their graduation ceremony as well as participation in cultural activities for the past three years as a result of the pandemic, Culture Minister Shih Che specially proposed broadening the scope of the initiative to include those up to the age of 21. Each young adult can receive NT$1200 worth of "Culture Points," with a total number of eligible recipients reaching nearly one million.

Minister Shih emphasized the importance of providing cultural points to young adults, enabling them to commemorate their transition into adulthood through active participation in Taiwanese cultural events. The coming-of-age vouchers serve to revitalize the cultural industry and represent the stature and symbolism of the country. Through active participation in cultural activities and experiences, young adults can cultivate a greater understanding and appreciation for their heritage, Minister Shih added.