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Minister Li Yuan reveals four main focuses of policymaking

  • Date:2024-05-23
Minister Li Yuan reveals four main focuses of policymaking

During his report to the legislature’s Education and Culture Committee on May 22, new Culture Minister Li Yuan emphasized his focus on cultural policymaking, targeting four main aspects: “lifestyle,” “awareness,” “creativity,” and “communication.”


Minister Li highlighted that culture is collectively displayed through lifestyle, encompassing various elements such as cuisine, fashion, education, and entertainment. To vividly showcase Taiwan’s lifestyle, he aims to restore historical sites and establish a comprehensive system for the preservation and regeneration of cultural heritage.


Regarding national language policy, he plans to launch language resuscitation programs to foster a multilingual-friendly environment and initiate national language research.


Minister Li hopes to encourage people to address, think about, and discuss various public issues through culture and arts to deepen national unity. He remarked that he will continue the ministry’s efforts to reconstruct Taiwan’s art history and carry out museum renovation projects, aiming to enhance art and cultural education and create a deeper cultural identity.


Focusing on improving the working environment for artists in the creative industry, Minister Li aims to enhance regulations to protect the rights of artists and cultural workers. Additionally, he intends to integrate resources from both the public and private sectors to elevate the production of cultural content.


Furthermore, he hopes to boost public media and international networks to enhance communication with a global audience. Minister Li stated that the ministry will work on expanding TaiwanPlus’s international coverage to spread Taiwan’s top-quality content across the world.