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Exhibition on Taiwanese classic comic takes place at NTMC

  • Date:2024-06-11
Yeh Hong-Chia Centennial: The Journey of Jhuge Shiro

In commemoration of the 100th birthday of renowned Taiwanese comic artist Yeh Hong-chia (葉宏甲), the Preparatory Office of the National Taiwan Museum of Comics (NTMC) opened the series exhibition “Yeh Hong-Chia Centennial: The Journey of Jhuge Shiro” on June 8, recreating the glory of this classic work in the modern era.


“Jhuge Shiro (諸葛四郎)” is Taiwan's first hero comic. The young hero, dressed in red with two hair buns, took the youngsters’ world by storm from 1958 to 1970, becoming the first hero in the hearts of Taiwanese children at that time. 


The Ministry of Culture noted that the comic's popularity led to adaptations into television series, theater shows, and films. The centennial exhibition is divided into several sections, including the “Jhuge Shiro 100 Comic Exhibition,” “The Journey of Jhuge Shiro Animation Exhibition,” and “The Hero Within: Heroes in Memory Exhibition.” 


Additionally, the Paper Windmill Theatre will stage a performance on June 15, infusing traditional opera elements into the thrilling show where Jhuge Shiro battles against villains.


Visit the Preparatory Office of NTMC’s Facebook page for more information.