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Singer | Hung Pei-yu

  • Date:2024-05-02
Singer | Hung Pei-yu

Chinese Name: 洪佩瑜

Born: Dec. 10, 1990

Birthplace: Kaohsiung City (Southern Taiwan)


Did You Know That…? 

Hung Pei-yu considers renowned German dancer Pina Bausch to be the female performer who has had the greatest influence on her performing style.



Hung Pei-yu debuted in 2010 by appearing as a one-off challenger in the music competition television show “Super Idol (超級偶像).” In the following year, she was invited to be a contestant by the show producers and eventually won the runner-up of that season. She is well known through pop songs like “Tiptoe Love (踮起腳尖愛)” and “My Heart is Plastic (AI敢會愛).” Since 2017, she began performing in musical theaters such as “Sound of Colors (地下鐵),” “Turn Left, Turn Right (向左走,向右走),” and “The Rainbow of Time (時光電影院).” In 2023, having released her first album “Silver Lining (明室)”, she was nominated for eight awards in the 34th Golden Melody Awards and won Best New Artist. In the same year, she also won Best Original Film Song at the Golden Horse Awards with “The Usual (同款),” the opening song of the film “Day Off (本日公休).”


Despite rising to fame from “Super Idol” a decade ago, Hung didn’t immediately pursue a career in the music industry. Instead, she chose to further her education by enrolling in the Dance Department of Taipei University of the Arts. Reflecting on that time, she mentioned that she wasn’t prepared to be a celebrity but was driven by a desire for challenges and self-exploration through dance.


Following her graduation from the university, she became a freelance dancer and continued to explore performance art. She emphasized how these experiences helped her realize that performances stem from her own creativity, rather than simply following instructions. For Hung, both dance and music serve as avenues for self-expression.