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Puyuma Traditional Weaving Technique Preserver | Sun Chu-hua

  • Date:2024-04-23
Puyuma Traditional Weaving Technique Preserver | Sun Chu-hua

Chinese Name: 孫菊花

Born: 1938

Birthplace: Taitung County (Eastern Taiwan) 


Did You Know That… ?

Sun Chu-hua was officially recognized by the Taitung County Government as a preserver of the Puyuma people’s traditional textile weaving technique.



Sun Chu-hua, a member of the Puyuma people, one of Taiwan’s indigenous groups, was born and raised in the Pinaski village (賓朗部落) in Beinan Township (卑南鄉), Taitung County. In 1999, she began studying traditional Puyuma weaving under the guidance of Kao Chun-yueh (高春月) from the Puyuma village. Then, she underwent training in modern weaving techniques at the Indigenous Weaving Teaching Center in Taichung.


As a master weaver, Sun possesses a vast knowledge of Puyuma weaving culture and techniques, known as ‘tenun’ in the Puyuma language, solely from her memory. She can fluently articulate the intricacies of weaving methods and tools, even elaborating on their functions in the Puyuma language. Despite being in her 80s, she continues to diligently weave textiles, contributing to the making of traditional clothing.


With traditional Puyuma weaving culture facing gradual loss, Sun stands as the sole practitioner who possesses advanced weaving skills and is active in knowledge transmission. Over the past two decades, she has dedicated herself to researching the culture and documenting her findings through visits and interviews with other master weavers. Her records contain detailed analyses of weaving patterns and techniques in addition to the ways of using weaving tools. Notably, the majority of contemporary Puyuma weavers trained in traditional techniques are Sun’s students.


Puyuma weaving patterns serve to signify gender, age, and social hierarchy within the village, while also providing both aesthetic and social significance for the community. Furthermore, for outsiders, it offers a pathway to appreciate and understand the rich tapestry of Puyuma culture.