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Möbius Strip Theatre

  • Date:2023-11-17
Long Tan Market Kaleidoscope

Chinese Name: 莫比斯圓環創作公社

Founded: 2005

Founders: Alex Cheung (張藝生), Faye Leung (梁菲倚)

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Did You Know?

The “Möbius Strip” is a unique geometric structure proposed by the German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius. The foundational idea behind the Möbius Strip Theatre draws inspiration from this infinite characteristic symbolized by the Möbius Strip. Embodying this spirit, the theatre constantly challenges boundaries, transcending national, cultural, and interdisciplinary limits, allowing creativity to stretch endlessly in an infinite space.

One of the co-founders of Möbius Strip Theatre, Alex Cheung, a Hong Konger, started challenging conventions during his university years. A lover of freedom, he feared being confined and controlled. The rigorous Western-style training he received at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts constantly provoked him to question authority. After graduating in 1994, Cheung performed in various countries, including India, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Japan, and Taiwan, immersing himself in the diverse cultures of Asia.


“The experiences were a significant cultural shock for me,” Cheung recalled. “After encountering different cultures, I suddenly realized I couldn’t identify with my own cultural identity.” Although influenced by its British colonial past, Hong Kong has developed its unique cultural landscape. Even though Cheung studied Western culture at the academy, he questioned where he could unearth the essence of his own culture and art. Amidst this search and unease, he encountered Taiwan’s “U Theatre (優人神鼓)” and decided to move there to learn drumming.

Signing a contract in April 1996, Cheung dedicated eight years to the pursuit. Initially, he wanted to explore the essence of traditional culture, but during this journey, he discovered Zen, finding even greater freedom in it.

From her time at the Academy, Faye Leung, the Möbius Strip Theatre’s another founder, was seen as a prodigious talent. After graduation, she joined a prestigious Hong Kong theater group. After corresponding with Cheung, who had by then joined “U Theatre,” she decided to chase her profound admiration for beauty by moving to Taiwan.

In 2005, both were invited to a theater festival. Because of the requirement for an official group name, the “Möbius Strip Theatre” was born.

Apart from focusing on creation, the Möbius Strip Theatre also aspires to give back to society through art. In collaboration with National Culture and Arts Foundation (國家文化藝術基金會), they have taught drumming, drama, and dance to elementary school students in New Taipei City. While they don’t expect every child to pursue an artistic path, they hope to instill the spirit behind these skills and to enhance the sensory perceptions of children. Furthermore, after years of drumming, both directors actively harness the therapeutic power of drumming to help those with mental illnesses and the modern-day stressed individuals. Co-founder Leung believes art can provide support and nourishment for the soul.

In 2017, Zara Huang (黃子翎) took over as the joint artistic director of Möbius Strip Theatre. With over two decades in drama and drumming, Huang expanded on the idea of a “creative commune.” She emphasizes a deep-rooted community life, presenting a diverse and interdisciplinary artistic platform from a public perspective. She also uses theater as a platform, integrating dance, literature, and aesthetics to bring traditional drumming into the realm of contemporary mixed arts.

A hallmark of the group is “Drum Artistry.” All members have in-depth traditional drumming training, seamlessly merging drumming with novel theater styles that span from traditional arts to modern theater. Established for nearly 20 years, the Möbius Strip Theatre focuses on traditional drum arts, contemporary innovation, and multidisciplinary collaboration. In recent years, they’ve emphasized “Empathetic Environment Theater,” “Drumming Creative Experiments,” and “Cultural Equality Co-creation.”

“The Elephant Flew Over My Ears (大象飛過我的耳朵)” is a 2021 production by the group. This work initiated the “Artistic Inclusion for the Hearing Impaired (聽障藝術共融計畫)” project, embracing the belief that everyone has the right to partake in theater. It showcases the inclusivity and authenticity of art, facilitating genuine connections between people. The Möbius Strip Theatre pioneered a space where both hearing and hearing-impaired individuals can co-create and view works, introducing theatrical interpretation as a bridge for the hearing-impaired to access performing arts without barriers.

(Photos courtesy of Möbius Strip Theatre; photographers: 林育全、蕭彌)