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Online photo exhibition - Captivating Times: Film Stills by Hsieh Chen-Lung

  • Publish Date:2024-07-04
Captivating Times: Film Stills by Hsieh Chen-Lung

Curated by Chen Ting-yu (陳亭聿), a researcher in film studies, the online photo exhibition titled “Captivating Times: Films Stills by Hsieh Chen-Lung (光陰自帶電–謝震隆電影劇照展)” is available on the website of National Center of Photography and Images (NCPI). Serving as a still photographer for Taiwanese and Hong Kong films from the 1960s to 1990s, Hsieh Chen-Lung (謝震隆, 1933-2023) left behind unique memories in the world of Chinese-language film.


Breaking free from traditional modes of film still photos photography, Hsieh focused on capturing actors’ lively expressions during the film shooting. His works include the portraits of the heroes and swordsmen in martial arts movies and the affectionate looks of the protagonists in romantic films. The photographer captured the historical moments of these classic Taiwanese movies, allowing people to get a glimpse of the universe of cinema through his lens.


The exhibition has five themes, displaying 29 pictures in total. Visit the online exhibition:


(Photo credit: National Center of Photography and Images)