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Taiwanese artist Yosifu Kacaw’s solo exhibition to celebrate Taiwan-Israel friendship

Taiwanese artist Yosifu Kacaw’s solo exhibition to celebrate Taiwan-Israel friendship

Artist Yosifu Kacaw, a member of Taiwan's indigenous Amis people, unveiled the grand opening of his solo exhibition “Love: Without Borders (愛無界)” at Design Terminal Bat Yam in Israel on June 14. The exhibition is running until July 2.


To commemorate 30 years of friendship and to deepen the cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Israel, Yosifu was invited to display 23 pieces of his paintings which depict the story of Taiwan’s indigenous culture in vibrant colors, as well as create a large-scale, site-specific wall mural at the gallery.

At the opening ceremony, the artist said it is a great honor to be invited to hold a solo exhibition in celebration of 30 years of Taiwan-Israel friendship. The large wall mural, with a length of 6 meters and a width of 3.5 meters, was completed within three days with the help of local student volunteers and workers, and this demonstrates the arts and cultural relations between both nations, Yosifu added.


According to Yosifu, the wall mural “The Tree of Life” is inspired by the olive tree that grows throughout Israel, representing the strength and support a country with thousands of years of shared culture and history can provide to its people.

The mayor of Bat Yam, Tzvika Brot, thanked the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Tel-Aviv for their support and expressed gratitude to Yosifu for creating “The Tree of Life,” injecting new life into the exhibition space.

Taiwan's representative to Israel Lee Ya-ping (李雅萍) said that the 30th anniversary of friendship between Taiwan and Israel is an important milestone. Over the three decades, the relationship between both sides has continued to grow, establishing strong ties that cross political and geographical boundaries. Lee emphasized that art is a universal language and has the power to bind people together.

(Photo credit: Yosifu Art)