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Taiwan to showcase heritage, traditional arts in Malaysia

  • Date:2017-10-14~2017-11-05
Taiwan to showcase heritage, traditional arts in Malaysia

To introduce Taiwan's diverse cultural heritage to Malaysian audiences, the Bureau of Cultural Heritage will hold an exhibition and a series of events at George Town, Penang's Whiteaways Arcade from Oct. 14 through Nov. 5.

Since 2003, Taiwan has compiled a list of eighteen potential UNESCO world heritage sites and twelve potential intangible world heritage rites. As the historic Malaysian cities of George Town and Melakahave been formally recognized by UNESCO in 2008, the Bureau hopes to deepen awareness of heritage preservation and exchange conservation experiences through the event series.

"Taiwan's Cultural Heritage Overseas Exhibition (Pameran Warisan Budaya Taiwan)” will feature a 23-day-long exhibition and a total of thirteen events encompassing performing arts, heritage forums, and traditional crafts.

Beginning on Oct. 14, Tang Mei-yun (唐美雲), a National Award for the Arts-winning Taiwanese opera actress, will lead her opera troupe to present dynamic performances that incorporate traditional Taiwanese elements with innovative theatrical ideas.

The next event will be an international forum that will feature talks and exchanges by scholars from Taiwan and Penang as well as professionals, teachers, and students researching cultural heritage.

Yuma Taru (尤瑪.達陸), an Atayal weaver and heritage preservationist, will demonstrate the weaving techniques of Taiwan's indigenous Atayal tribe in two sessions where audiences can also learn and experience such crafts.

On Oct. 28 and 29, Hong Kuo-lin (洪國霖), the eighth-generation owner of Sato Paper Art (左藤糊紙店) in Tainan, will introduce and showcase Taiwan's traditional paper art and its unique culture.

Next up will be Shan Wan Jan Puppet Theater (山宛然掌中劇團) and its traditional hand-puppet performances, which are highly unique for incorporating Hakka culture.

Wrapping up the event series will be Li Bing-kuei (李秉圭), who is revered as a "National Living Treasure.” The veteran wood sculptor will demonstrate how to carve intricate flowers on wood.

Taiwan and Malaysia shares similarities in culture, language, religion, and art, and the two nations have maintained friendships through cultural exchanges. It is our hope that "Taiwan's Cultural Heritage Overseas Exhibition (Pameran Warisan Budaya Taiwan)” will allow the Malaysian public to learn more about Taiwan's culture.

The exhibition has been organized into five units: Taiwan's Multicultural Heritage, Striking Roots, Walking with Nature, Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan, and Bonding With George Town.

The purposes are to introduce Taiwan's cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, deliver intriguing stories to Malaysian friends, acknowledge Penang's efforts in protecting the world's heritage, share each other's experiences, and bring forth the outstanding universal values of heritage.

Learn more about the 18 Potential World Heritage Sites in Taiwan here.

‘Pameran Warisan Budaya Taiwan'

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