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Japan photography exhibition to look back on Taiwan history

  • Date:2018-07-07~2018-12-02
Japan photography exhibition to look back on Taiwan history

A photography exhibition documenting Taiwan's political, social, and economic shifts from the 1970s to 1990s will be held in Yamanashi Prefecture's Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (KMOPA) from July 7 through Dec. 2.


Co-organized by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and KMOPA, "Looking Back: Taiwanese Photographers' Island Gazes (1970s – 1990s)" seeks to delineate how these three particular decades formed a critical and important transitional period for Taiwan's international and internal affairs, cross-strait development with China, and socio-economic and technological advancements.


Under intense tension before and post martial-law era, Taiwanese photographers from both Taiwan proper and outlying islands sought to capture and interpret the unfolding turbulence with deep-rooted connections to each specific decade. From mountains to coasts, these 13 featured photographers interacted closely with communities such as Taiwanese, Hakka, Chinese, and indigenous groups as they grappled with external challenges and inner struggles.


After decades of distillation and accretion, these photographic works have augmented the important ethos and practical foundation upon which photography developed in contemporary Taiwan. The distinct features and continually overlapping and subtle contours of Taiwan proper and its outlying islands not only serve as clues and memories for reconstructing the nation's history, their viewpoints have also become direct "gazes" that reflect upon Taiwanese society today.


As noted by exhibition co-curator Chang Chao-tang, laureate of the 30th National Cultural Award, "[we] look back not only to reflect upon history, but also to reflect upon what the future will bring."


Featured Artists

Chang Chao-tang (張照堂)

Chang Yung-chieh (張詠捷)

Cheng Tsun-shing (陳傳興)

Hsieh Chun-te (謝春德)

Hsieh San-tai (謝三泰)

Ho Ching-tai (何經泰)

Juan I-jong (阮義忠)

Lin Bor-liang (林柏樑)

Lin Kuo-chan (林國彰)

Liu Chen-hsiang (劉振祥)

Pan Hsiao-hsia (潘小俠)


‘Looking Back: Taiwanese Photographers’ Island Gazes (1970s – 1990s)’