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Ciao! Taiwan: 15th Taiwan Arts Festival in Hong Kong

  • Date:2020-10-09~2020-11-22
Ciao! Taiwan: 15th Taiwan Arts Festival in Hong Kong

Under the theme "Ciao Taiwan," the 15th Taiwan Arts Festival in Hong Kong will be held from Oct. 9 through Nov. 22 with a plethora of performances and online events that reflect the unlimited potential of connecting Taiwan and Hong Kong through boundary-less arts.

Organized by the Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Center, Taiwan's cultural hub in Hong Kong, the Taiwan-themed festival comprises of film screenings, theatre and music performances, new media artworks, and exhibitions on literature and comics.

With the pandemic upon us this year, the festival aims to boost the morale of the public through arts, the center explained, adding that the visual design of this year's event is inspired by easter eggs, offering viewers surprises through a diverse and exquisite program.

On Oct. 23 and 24, viewers in Hong Kong will be able to enjoy a love-themed theatre piece "Spirits (魅)" composed of a piano solo, monologues, and poems. Adapted from performance "Before the Sunrise(曖魅)," the critically acclaimed piece will be performed by director-actress Sylvia Chang (張艾嘉), award-winning pianist Yen Chun-chieh (嚴俊傑), and classical music critic Chiao Yuan-pu (焦元溥).

Additionally, an immersive exhibition "About Life & Death (生死牆)" will take place from Nov. 1 to 15, featuring Taiwanese media artist Tao Ya-lun's (陶亞倫) VR installations "Technological Totalitarianism," and "Ubiquitous Ghosts No.5," as well as multimedia artworks by emerging artists from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

While "Craftsmanship in TaiwanWay," a month-long event that invites four Taiwanese artists and cultural groups to showcase their traditional handicraft skills will kick off on Oct. 19, an online Jazz concert featuring musicians from both sides will take place on Nov. 7 and 8.

A dance performance "The Drifting Fate of Hakka (客風・漂鳥之歌)" by Taipei-based Neo-Classical Dance Company (新古典舞團) will make an appearance on Nov. 14. Portraying the journey of the Hakka diaspora, the performance seeks to present diversity of Hakka arts and culture.

Highlights of this year's events also include the first Hong Kong-based retrospective screening of veteran director Wang Toon's (王童) cinematic works, which will run from Nov. 17 to 22. Wang, who was honored with lifetime achievement award at the 56th Golden Horse Awards in 2019, will share behind-the-scenes stories in a masterclass on Nov. 22.

Last but not least, a virtual exhibition displaying original artworks by Taiwanese comic artists will be launched soon, offering audiences a window into the unique art form that adds richness to Taiwan's culture.

Arising from a desire to share Taiwanese arts and culture, Taiwan Arts Festival has become a shared cultural asset that continues to produce enchanting sparks while infusing endless vitality into the cultures of both lands, the center introduces.

Read the full program here.