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Taiwanese artist Zhang Xu-zhan presents first solo exhibition in Malaysia

  • Date:2024-06-23~2024-10-06
Zhang Xu Zhan_Jungle Jungle

The Cultural Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia, in collaboration with Ilham Gallery, is hosting Taiwanese artist Zhang Xu-zhan’s (張徐展) first overseas solo exhibition, “Zhang Xu Zhan: Jungle Jungle.” Zhang, who was named Deutsche Bank’s Artist of the Year for 2021, is a highly anticipated creator in the international art scene. 


First exhibited at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, “Jungle Jungle” features the film “Compound Eyes of Tropical,” which won the Golden Horse Award for best animated short film in 2022. Other works in the exhibition include video animation and mixed media sculptures, as well as paper puppets and a site-specific paper installation, inspired by Taiwan’s traditional cultural technique known as “huzhi (糊紙)” (papier-mâché), which is commonly used in ceremonial festivals.


“Jungle Jungle” explores the commonality and plurality between different cultures, examining the way the meaning of music can change in circulation and the way oral storytelling and folk tales can adapt in different regions to produce localized versions.


Established in 2015, Ilham Gallery is a public art gallery committed to supporting the development, understanding, and enjoyment of Malaysian modern and contemporary art within a regional and global context.


This exhibition is running until Oct. 6. For more information, please see Ilham Gallery’s website