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Contemporary Taiwan films screened in Tokyo

  • Date:2020-08-01~2020-11-30
Contemporary Taiwan films screened in Tokyo

Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo will be launching the annual "2020 Taiwan Movie Screening & Talk show" in Japan, premiering in August, and will screen Taiwanese films though November. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the movie screening will be moved online.

This year's first screening will be director Lan Cheng-lung's (藍正龍, also known as Blue Lan) film "A Fool in Love, Love like a Fool (傻傻愛你,傻傻愛我)." Within minutes of opening online registration, all 100 spots were taken. Director Lan emphasized during a video interview that he hopes through this film, the public can further understand families with children of special needs, and view them in a different perspective.

Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo said that the "Taiwan Movies Screening & Talk show" has been an annual event since 2016, with an aim to introduce more Taiwanese films to the Japanese audience. This year the show, with the theme "Contemporary Taiwan Films – Diversity Evolution Continuum (臺灣電影的現在〜不斷進化的多樣性)," will feature current Taiwan films, films that came out within the last two years, that have yet to be screened in Japan.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the screening event was first postponed, then limited audience screening was considered, before the final decision was made to move the screenings online to give all audiences a chance to appreciate Taiwan films.

"2020 Taiwan Movie Screening & Talk show" will be held from August through November, and released on Asian Paradise online platform.

Film line-up includes:
Aug. 22: "The Paradise (樂園)" 
Aug. 29: "Turning 18 (未來無恙)"
Sept. 12: "The Scoundrels (狂徒)"
Sept. 26: "Dear Loneliness (致親愛的孤獨者)"
Oct. 10: "The Outsiders (鬥魚)"
Oct. 24: "The Magnificent Bobita (最乖巧的殺人犯)"
Nov. 28: "The Gangs, the Oscar, and the Walking Dead (江湖無難事)"