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Taiwan animation exhibition launched in Japan

  • Date:2022-04-21~2022-06-30
Taiwan animation exhibition launched in Japan

Together with Taiwan Animation and Comic Promoting Association (臺灣動漫畫推廣協會), Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo will organize an exhibition displaying nine of Taiwan's latest animations for the first time. The exhibition will showcase Taiwanese-style animation aesthetics from Apr. 21 to June 30 at the cultural center.

The opening ceremony was held on Apr. 20, and those present included Lee Shyh-Bing (李世丙), Deputy Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan, Alice Wang Shu-fang (王淑芳), Director of Cultural Center in Tokyo, and other officials. One of the exhibited works "DNA×CAT (九藏喵窩)," which is a puppet show, was performed at the ceremony.

Two Taiwanese animated feature films that were released earlier this year were part of the exhibition. The films were adapted from the famous comic series "Jhuge Shiro (諸葛四郎), feature animation "Shiro - Hero of Heroes (諸葛四郎-英雄的英雄)," and "Monster Fruit Academy (妖果小學-水果奶奶的大秘密)." In "Monster Fruit Academy," Granny Fruity, the live-action star of Fruity Pie (水果冰淇淋), a children's educational television show, has been transformed into an animated character. Furthermore, seven short films under the segment of animated series include "DNAXCAT Kingdom (九藏喵窩-貓王國篇)," "2049 + Voice of Rebirth (2049+ 絕處逢聲)," "Pigsy Express (未來宅急便)," "My Little Boys (小兒子)," "Yameme Team vs Math Demon (閻小妹大戰數學魔)," "Jungle King My papa (我的泰山爸爸)," and others.

To allow the Japanese animation industry to experience the charm of Taiwanese commercial animation, the organizer has specially arranged four rounds of screening events; the merchandise and promotional film items will also be displayed on-site to demonstrate the rich and diverse vitality of Taiwanese commercial animation.