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Taiwan authors to release trilingual poem anthology in Spain

  • Date:2017-06-08~2017-06-09
Taiwan authors to release trilingual poem anthology in Spain

Noted literary figures from Taiwan - Li Kuei-hsien (李魁賢) and Chen Hsiu-chen (陳秀珍) - will attend book launches in Spain on June 8 and 9 to promote the trilingual poem anthology "Voices from Taiwan - Anthology of Contemporary Taiwanese Poetry.”

Edited by Li, a famous poet in his own right, "Voices from Taiwan” will present 59 poems by 19 poets in three languages - Chinese, English, and Spanish. The publication was made possible largely by the efforts of Khedija Gadhoum, a Tunisian-American poet and professor with the University of Georgia.

Gadhoum was an honored guest at the 2016 Formosa International Poetry Festival in Tamsui, where she became acquainted with Li and other esteemed poets from Taiwan's literary circles. Upon her recommendation, Spanish publishing house Editorial Cuadernos del Laberinto embraced the Taiwanese poetry project with enthusiasm.

"Voices from Taiwan,” for which Gadhoum translated the text to Spanish, marks a first for Taiwanese poetry to be released in Spain.

Translated Taiwan literature for the Spanish market have diversified in recent years. New releases include novels "Songs of the Wanderers” by Sanmao (三毛) and "The Butcher's Wife” by Li Ang (李昂), and picturebooks "The Blue Stone” by Jimmy Liao (幾米) and "The Steadfast Tin Soldier” by Page Tsou (鄒駿昇).

Book signing:

  • June 8 @ 18:30~20:00
  • El Retiro Park, Caseta 242 (Editorial Cuadernos del Laberinto)

Presentation of the book:

  • June 9 @ 19:30
  • Centro Cultural "La Corrala”, UAM
  • Calle de Carlos Arniches, 3, 28005 Madrid

The 19 featured Taiwan poets are:

  • Li Kuei-hsien / 李魁賢
  • Lin Wu-hsien / 林武憲
  • Chuang Chin-kuo / 莊金國
  • Mo Yu / 莫渝
  • Kuo Cheng-yi / 郭成義
  • Tsai Jung-yung / 蔡榮勇
  • Catherine Yen /顏雪花
  • Li Yu-fang / 利玉芳
  • Lin Lu / 林鷺
  • Chen Chiu-pai / 陳秋白
  • Yang Chi-chu / 楊淇竹
  • Tu Miao-yi / 凃妙沂
  • Chen Hsiu-chen / 陳秀珍
  • Chen Yin / 陳胤
  • Lin Sheng-bin / 林盛彬
  • Hsieh Pi-hsiu / 謝碧修
  • Chen Ming-ke / 陳明克
  • Lee Chang-hsien / 李昌憲
  • Chang Te-pen / 張德本