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'Liquid Glare' — Wu Tien-chang solo exhibition in Madrid

  • Date:2017-01-12~2017-02-05
'Liquid Glare' — Wu Tien-chang solo exhibition in Madrid

Taiwanese visual artist Wu Tien-chang (吳天章) will hold a solo exhibition at the Contemporary Festival of New Media Arts & Advanced Audio Visual Technologies (MADATAC) in Madrid from Jan. 12 through Feb. 5, 2017.

Emerging as a painter who examined society, politics, and history through oil paintings in the 1980s, Wu started to integrate photography and mixed media to reflect Taiwan history by using dark humor and tacky items, mimicking a local aesthetic style known as "Tai Ke (台客)” in the 1990s.

In 2000, Wu started applying graphic editing and computer-generated imagery to create astonishing and evoking images. Since 2010, Wu switched tracks and began creating highly unusual audiovisual arts by using techniques such as long takes, posterized time effects, and high-speed photography.

The exhibition will showcase five iconic sets of video installations by Wu, including "Luan (孌),” "Unforgettable Lover (難忘的愛人),” "Beloved (心所愛的人),” "Blind Men Groping Down the Lane (瞎子摸巷),” and "Farewell, Spring and Autumn Pavilions (再見春秋閣).”

Wu has also been invited to join the judge panel for the festival and is scheduled to be interviewed by local radio and TV shows on Jan. 19. Accompanied by Chinese-to-Spanish interpreters, he will be delivering keynote speech on Jan. 17 as well.

MADATAC is one of the key Spanish festivals on digital and visual arts. It takes an innovative approach towards promoting the most cutting-edge experimental and new media arts.

The festival offers daily video screenings, contests, exhibitions, installation arts, keynote forums, round-table conferences, workshops, and audiovisual performances. It also offers prizes and residency programs to encourage artists.

Taiwanese artist Ho Wei-ming (何尉民), winner of the Best Video Art Work at the 5th MADATAC, will also serve as a judge this year.

The exhibition is made possible with the support of the Ministry of Culture's branch office in Spain, which selected MADATAC for its integration of arts and science. Through participation in such global art festivals, Taiwanese artists gain the opportunity to share their experiences and build partnerships with international professionals.

‘Liquid Glare' @ MADATAC

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