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Noted Taiwanese female writer heads for Edinburgh

  • Date:2015-08-27~2015-08-27
Noted Taiwanese female writer heads for Edinburgh

Taiwanese writer Li Ang (李昂), who is best known for her social criticism and intertwinement of gender, food, and politics, will give a public lecture at the University of Edinburgh on Aug. 27.

Li first rose to fame with her 1983 novella, 'The Butcher's Wife (殺夫),' in which she delineated the hostility of Asia's conservative attitude towards women through a gruesome tale of sex, oppression, and murder.

In her following novels - 22 to date - Li continues to break new literary ground in cultural and political reflection. In recent years, she has also published interviews, newspaper column collections, and prose, using simple and relatable subjects such as food and travel to provide discourse into deeper, underlying themes.

Her "Sex, Food, and Politics” lecture is organized by the University of Edinburgh as part of the Ministry of Culture's Spotlight Taiwan program. The Aug. 27 event is admission free, but requires reservations through Read more about contemporary Taiwanese art, culture, and cinema in Scotland here.

‘Sex, Food and Politics' featuring Li Ang

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