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Lee Mingwei to hold second showcase at Pompidou Centre

  • Date:2018-10-10~2018-11-04

An intimate, personalized presentation that begins with the question "May I give you a gift of song?" will enjoy a month-long run at the Pompidou Centre in Paris starting Oct. 10.


Inspired by "the folding and unfolding of a 'Sonic Blossom,'" Taiwanese artist Lee Ming-wei (李明維) has conceptualized an interactive exhibition where professional singers will approach random visitors with the singsong query. If the request is granted, a personal Schubert lied (art song) performance will ensue.


Lee's concept for "Sonic Blossom" grew from his emotional connection to Franz Schubert's music as a contemplative sanctuary. During a period of existential turmoil, he and his mom were comforted by Schubert's music while she recovered from surgery, and he desired to reframe and share that ephemeral experience.


For this project, vocalists Beibei Guan, Yeonji Lee, Marion Sicre, Shingo Nishizawa, Sara Kehder, and Constance Malta-Bey will perform five Schubert lieders chosen by Lee. Each performer will be outfitted with a unique costume design as well.


Born in 1964, Lee is a Taiwanese artist based in New York and Paris. He is known for creating participatory installations where strangers can explore issues of trust, intimacy, and self-awareness, often via one-on-one events.


"Sonic Blossom," which bears witness to the answer that art can give to the transitory nature of existence, is Lee’s second showcase at Pompidou.


‘Sonic Blossom by Lee Mingwei'