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Taiwan artist to stage video, soundscape performance in Madrid

  • Date:2019-03-01~2019-03-03
Taiwan artist to stage video, soundscape performance in Madrid

Visitors to the 2019 Hybrid Contemporary Art Fair running from March 1 to 3 in Madrid will get the chance to see an audiovisual installation and live performances by new media artist Veeeky (吳維佳) from Taiwan.


As a multimedia artist, DJ, and experimental 3D video maker, Veeeky is drawn to new channels of exploring audio and visual arts. As a sociology major, she co-founded DJ duo Bounce Girlz with Sonia, guitarist of electro-rock band Go Chic, before going on to pursue a master's degree in design and visual communications at Goldsmiths College in London.


With the support of the Cultural Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Spain, Veeeky joined the Homesession residency program in Barcelona in 2018, further establishing her own way of selecting music and creating art by synchronizing and sampling sound with bold visual elements. Characterized by high-saturation "utopian" videos, her works revolve around the thinking of contemporary society.

For the upcoming Hybrid art fair, Veeeky will present the latest segment from her ongoing "Sustainable Data" series "Family Tape." The audiovisual installation will present different video segments representing the human unconsciousness, where unexpected sights and scenes are augmented by a soundscape sampling Mandarin pop music, distorted newscasts, and soap operas. To reflect the spectrum of human emotions, each of Veeeky's characters is also trapped or chasing something across this surreal landscape.


As the Hybrid art fair has adopted the unconventional approach of transforming the guest rooms of Petit Palace Santa Bárbara Hotel into exhibition and performance spaces, Veeeky has also prepared a 15-minute improvisional performance on March 2 to accompany the "Family Tape" installation.



2019 Hybrid Contemporary Art Fair