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Taiwanese ceramics master to join 2019 London Craft Week

  • Date:2019-05-08~2019-05-12
Taiwanese ceramics master to join 2019 London Craft Week

Taiwanese engineer-turned-ceramics-master Hsueh Jui-fang (薛瑞芳) will present the science and art of pottery at the 2019 London Craft Week from May 8 through 12. This will be his debut UK exhibition.


Respected as one of Asia's leading ceramic artists, Hsueh began a lifelong exploration and appreciation of ceramics under the influence of "the Taiwanese father of ceramic arts," his father-in-law Lin Pao-chia (林葆家).


Having devoted himself to ceramics for almost fifty years now, Hsueh believes that science and art are not a binary choice both are integral parts of his life. At the start of his career, Hsueh avidly pursued science, but soon developed an unwavering interest in art. As he result, he chose to combine science and art to create ceramics of captivating beauty.


One of Hsueh's innovative techniques is experimenting with high-temperature chemistry to create remarkably colorful palettes by using a high-temperature kiln that has undertaken thousands of trials, all of which yielded countless different colors from the ferric oxide produced in the firing process.


Ceramics are an integral aspect of Taiwanese culture. Practiced by Taiwan's indigenous groups and influenced by Dutch, Japanese, and Chinese cultures, Taiwanese ceramic-making reflects its rich and complex history. Taiwan even has a village dedicated to this practice Yingge District in New Taipei City is home to over 800 ceramics- and pottery-making businesses.


This is a craft that requires artistic vision and precise scientific calculations. Visit Hsueh's debut UK exhibition between May 8 and 12 to learn more about how he experiments with chemical reactions to create unique pieces. Hosted by Tao Lin Studio, the interactive program will include unique sculpting and glazing techniques. Booking not necessary.



‘The Science and Art of Pottery: Taiwanese Ceramics Master Jui-Fang Hsueh’