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Taiwan singers, music technologist to join Barcelona’s Primavera Pro

  • Date:2019-05-27~2019-06-02
Taiwan singers, music technologist to join Barcelona’s Primavera Pro

Taiwanese artists Meuko! Meuko! and L8ching will be showcased at Primavera Pro, a Barcelona trade show where the present and future of the music business will meet from May 27 through June 2. Their performances will be accompanied by talks from Pochang Wu (吳柏蒼), lead vocalist of Taiwanese band Echo and founder of Taiwan’s largest indie music store iNDIEVOX.


Meuko! Meuko! is a singer and music producer who seeks inspiration amid the bustling streets and muggy air of Taipei. Distant and hard-to-place sounds permeate the atmosphere like pollution in her EP "Ghost Island (鬼島)," creating a dreamy feeling heightened by the liberal use of reverberations and delay.


Music maker L8ching, or Ching Lei (雷擎), blends the flavor of traditional Taiwanese pop with alternative R&B. His music videos often invoke a deep sense of nostalgia as well, from low-fi and vintage color filters to neon motion graphics that add to his recreation of a "Taiwanese sound" reminiscent of the relaxed days of yore.


Wu, Echo lead vocalist and iNDIEVOX founder, has been a prominent music technologist and advocate for over a decade. He joined the KKBOX Group in 2016 and has led new ventures focused on building OurSong, a community marketplace of digital music collectibles based on blockchain technology.


Meuko! Meuko! and L8ching will both make their debut on May 28 at La [2] de Apolo, and join the Night Pro Stage on May 29 at Parc del Fòrum. L8ching is scheduled for a third appearance on June 1, on the Day Pro Stage at Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.


Wu will host an international music forum on May 30 to introduce a new kind of music community place where fans can browse and purchase "shares" of their favorite tunes. He will also serve as a mentor to industry professionals at Primavera Pro 2019.