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Madrid museum to host Spain’s first-ever Jimmy Liao exhibition

  • Date:2019-10-09~2020-01-26
Madrid museum to host Spain’s first-ever Jimmy Liao exhibition

The first show in Spain on the original works of Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy Liao (幾米) — who has written more than 60 books that have been published around the world — will be held at the Madrid-based Museo ABC from Oct. 9, 2019 through Jan. 26, 2020 under the exhibition title "The Essential and the Invisible."

As an artist and leukemia survivor, Liao may have started off his career by drawing for children, but the universality of his simple messages has captured the imagination of adult readers around the world.

Known for his poetic language and whimsical images, Liao crafts each of his picture books to become a journey that can be shared by both kids and their adults. Liao leads readers to think about life and love by exploring the imaginary world he created with evocative illustrations.

From animations and musicals to public installations, his illustrations have lend themselves to all sorts of popular adaptations, too. His art is prominently displayed on the walls of the Nangang Station of Taipei Metro, and there's a public park in Yilan filled with life-sized characters and props that serve as the perfect accessories for Instagram selfies.

These days people can fly on a specially commissioned aircraft featuring endangered animals illustrated by Liao, stay at a hotel filled with themed rooms, or interact with his beloved characters by wearing a VR headset. Liao has also devoted considerable effort in revitalizing remote villages across Taiwan, creating wall art and driftwood sculptures to boost tourism.

In the upcoming Museo ABC exhibition, visitors can walk into an entire universe created by Liao — a world filled with sensitivity, creativity, and beautiful stories about humanity. The main themes of the exhibition are those portrayed in his artworks, ranging from fear, loneliness, and loss to dreams, memories, and hope. For reality is not always what is seen, and what is not seen can also exist.

‘The Essential and the Invisible’
Date: Oct. 9, 2019 – Jan. 26, 2020
Venue: Museo ABC
Address: Calle Amaniel 29-31. 28015 Madrid, Spain