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Taiwanese take on Camus classic ‘Le Malentendu’ to tour Paris

  • Date:2020-03-04~2020-06-03
Taiwanese take on Camus classic ‘Le Malentendu’ to tour Paris

Taiwanese theater director Hao Yang (楊顥) will be debuting his new work "Le Malentendu" — a remake of Albert Camus' 1943 eponymous classic — from March 4 through June 3 in Paris. This 2020 spring tour of the French capital will bring a total of 13 performances to L'Auguste Théâtre, Théâtre El Duende, and Théâtre Darius Milhaud.

Yang's "Le Malentendu" challenges members of the audience to reflect on their existing preconceptions of belonging, self-identity, and nationality. Through the careful arrangement of spoken words, precise control of lighting and shadow, and the delicate design of each costume, it asks the question of "what is the value of national identity for the contemporary self in this modern, interconnected existence?” This work attempts to outline the parallel universe painstakingly portrayed in the original work of Camus by mapping out the ultimate question of identity under an unnerving atmosphere.

Camus' "Le Malentendu" was written in 1943 and performed on stage in Paris in 1944, during World War II when German troops occupied Paris. The script reflects the absurdity of the situation, the nature of miscommunications between people, and the modern tragedy of manslaughter.

Yang, who graduated from the Laboratoire de Formation au Théâtre Physique (LFTP), is currently working on his master's degree in theater at Université Paris III while collaborating with French actors and directing plays.

The French-language press release is available here

L'Auguste Théâtre
• Date: March 4 – April 8, 2020 (Every Wednesday)  

Théâtre El Duende
• Date: March 5, 2020 

Théâtre Darius Milhaud
• Date: April 22 – June 3, 2020 (Every Wednesday except May 13)