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Taiwanese bands to join Barcelona virtual music fest

  • Date:2021-05-31
Taiwanese bands to join Barcelona virtual music fest

The pre-recorded performing sessions of Taiwanese bands "Huan Huan (緩緩)," "Go Go Machine Orchestra" and "Flesh Juicer (血肉果汁機)" will be showcased at Barcelona’s music festival "Primavera Sound (春之聲音樂節)," which will run virtually from June 2 through June 4.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s festival will be held in an online format, inviting 40 groups of musical bands from 10 different countries to participate - including Taiwan, Spain, Italy, Poland, Chile and other countries in Europe and South America.

The music sessions will be held live and recorded in Taiwan. With elements of post-rock, shoegaze and electronic music, "Huan Huan" will kick off the day with an early morning session in Taipei, followed by "Go Go Machine Orchestra" – a quintet that takes elements from many different musical styles, including contemporary, classical and electronica based music. Heavy metal band "Flesh Juicer" will end the night with metalcore music performance at Ximending, Taipei.

Following the music festival, the performances of these three bands will be broadcasted on the Youtube channel of Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in Spain, as well as LUCfest (貴人散步音樂節) in mid-June. The videos will be available for worldwide viewing, to allow viewers to enjoy the unique charm of Taiwan’s music.

Launched in 2001, Primavera Sound is one of the major pop music festivals in Spain and southern Europe. To cultivate the music festival into a platform for music trade, festival organizers initiated the Primavera Pro program in 2009, inviting music agents, production companies, producers, media, and related institutions from different countries to participate in developing the global music industry.

This is the fourth time that Taiwan has participated in the music festival, the previous participating Taiwanese bands "Prairie WWWW (落差草原)," "Outlet Drift(漂流出口)," "The Fur," "Meuko! Meuko!" and "L8ching(雷擎)" were well-received and gained many fans in Spain.