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Video installations of Taiwanese contemporary artist Su Hui-yu to be shown in Switzerland

  • Date:2021-09-19~2021-11-14
Video installations of Taiwanese contemporary artist Su Hui-yu to be shown in Switzerland

Organized by the Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in Germany and the Kunsthalle Winterthur art museum, Taiwanese contemporary artist Su Hui-yu's (蘇匯宇) two comprehensive video installations will be on view at the museum in Switzerland until Nov. 14.

To present gender diversity issues, artworks by Su will include the 3-channel-video installation "The White Waters (白水)" and the 5-channel video installation "The Women’s Revenge (女性的復仇)."

"The Women's Revenge" is the continuation of Su’s recent creation "Re-shooting," exploring how a body is manipulated in video technology. Using makeup and deepfake technology, Su took part in the performance dressed as one of the female characters, and participated in a violent movement against men. This also symbolizes a male body trying to understand and experience the female spirit.

"The White Waters" follows the context of creation from Su's "Re-shooting" or "Image revisited" and inspired by the work "White Water" by an experimental theater group "Critical Point Theatre Phenomenon" established by Tian Qiyuan(田啟元) in the 1980s, it explores lust, life, morality, and identity. The work uses colors to form distinctly structured paragraphs, showing the artist's broad whimsical ideas. Through the movements and manipulation of performances, the multi-channel device becomes a live theatrical work.

Additionally, Popcorn, who is active in the drag queen community in Taipei, and Instagram influencer Ling (鍾苡綾) were invited to take roles of Bai Su-zhen (白素貞) and Fa Hai (法海), respectively, in the performance.

To spread the message and for more people to understand the exhibited works, the organizer uploaded a video of the guided tour led by Su on Kunsthalle Winterthur's website. To watch the video or for more information, please click here.