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Taiwan Season returns to Edinburgh Festival Fringe

  • Date:2022-08-03~2022-08-28
Taiwan Season returns to Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Taiwanese groups will be performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year, as part of the Taiwan Season program, including Shinehouse Theatre (曉劇場), Diabolo Dance Theatre (舞鈴劇場), and Taiwanese dancer-choreographer Chou Kuan-jou (周寬柔).

More than 2000 shows are already available to browse and book on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe's website. Taiwanese groups and performers will be joining the festival as part of the Taiwan season program. The shows that will be presented include "Light of Life (生命之光)" by Diabolo Dance Theatre, "The Whisper of the Waves (潮來之音)" by Shinehouse Theatre, and "Tomato" by Chou Kuan-jou.

"Light of Life" will be performed at Assembly as it collaborates with the Taiwan season for the first time. Loaded with vivid sights and atmospheric sounds, Diabolo Dance Theatre's unique show is a multimedia fantasy revolving around the diabolo – a spinning toy central to Taiwanese culture. The performance is full of seductively swirling colors and a constant flow of motion and is set to a cinematic yet soulful soundtrack featuring live indigenous vocals.

Taiwan Season returns to Summerhall again this year, with "The Whisper of the Waves," a beautiful balancing act of social issues and theatrical poetry and "Tomato," a tongue-in-cheek dance performance by three performers that explores sexuality, feminism and other topics.

Launched in 2014, Taiwan Season had been an ever-increasing 'hot tip' at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe by showcasing a wealth of dance, theatre and live performance. The Ministry of Culture presents talented and creative Taiwanese companies to the international audience at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. These innovative productions of the Taiwan Season not only demonstrate the best of Taiwanese theatre and contemporary dance, but also epitomize the enthusiasm and involvement of Taiwan’s new generation artists to the world.