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2024 Nuit Blanche Paris to feature Taiwanese installation

  • Date:2024-06-01
2024 Nuit Blanche Paris to feature Taiwanese installation

Bito, a renowned Taiwanese design studio, has been invited by the Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris to present the art show titled “Tsiò (醮)” at the upcoming 23rd Nuit Blanche festival. Listed as one of the top ten shows of the night, “Tsiò” will be showcased at the Taipei Representative Office in France on June 1, transforming the Office into a live scene of a traditional Taiwanese blessing ceremony .


Liu Keng-ming (劉耕名), the founder of Bito, received the 6th Presidential Innovation Award in 2024 for “Tsiò”. This immersive installation, inspired by Taiwanese temples, recreates the festive atmosphere of traditional Taiwanese celebrations, incorporating traditional religious elements such as incense, lanterns, and Chinese sedan chairs.


Initiated in 2002 in Paris, Nuit Blanche is an annual all-night arts festival designed to bridge the gap between citizens and art performances. Currently, more than 17 cities around the globe, including Taipei, have hosted this event. The Council of Paris plans different themes and routes for the festival every year, with over 4,000 international artists participating to date and an annual attendance of three million participants.


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