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Taiwan dance troupe B.DANCE to present "Floating Flowers" at WOMAD in the UK

  • Date:2022-07-28~2022-07-31
Taiwan dance troupe B.DANCE to present 'Floating Flowers' at WOMAD in the UK

Taiwanese dance troupe B.DANCE (丞舞製作團隊) is invited to perform its iconic dance work "Floating Flowers (浮花)" at the World Of Music, Arts and Dance (WOMAD), an international arts festival which will take place from July 28 to 31, in the UK.

Created in 2015 by choreographer Tsai Po-Chen (蔡博丞), "Floating Flowers" takes inspiration from a prayer ceremony for the Taiwanese folk tradition of releasing water lanterns. Based on Tsai's childhood, the work was created to honor his late father and free himself from memories that haunted him. In the 60-min performance, "Floating Flowers" is an artful fusion of martial arts, classical ballet, folk dance and contemporary movement. Appearing to waft gracefully above water, the dancers are wrapped in vaporous muslins which represent floating lanterns.

Born in 1987, Tsai Po-Cheng founded B.Dance in 2014. Soon after graduating from Taipei National University of Arts in 2009, Tsai established his personal choreographic language and aesthetic, and he has been awarded numerous internationally recognized awards. By combining traditional Asian movements and martial arts with contemporary dance, B.DANCE offers theatrical, physical, and emotional performances that are approachable and inspiring for a diverse audience.

WOMAD stands for the World of Music, Arts, and Dance, and gives its name to the internationally established WOMAD Festival that brings together artists from all over the globe. As well as presenting and celebrating the huge array of art forms the planet has to offer, a central aim of WOMAD's many festivals is to promote cross-cultural awareness and tolerance.

(Photo credit: B.DANCE)