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3rd Taiwan Film Festival in Berlin "Impression Taiwan" to be held online

  • Date:2020-08-21~2020-08-30
3rd Taiwan Film Festival in Berlin 'Impression Taiwan' to be held online

The 3rd Taiwan Film Festival in Berlin "Impression Taiwan" will be held online on Aug. 21-30 amid COVID-19 pandemic. Co-organized by Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in Germany and Taiwan Film Festival Berlin Impression Taiwan (TFF), the film festival going online will be presenting selected Taiwanese films depicting cross-generation and challenging issues.

Prior to the film festival, there will be three special pre-show programs related to the movie themes. On Aug. 7, Representative Shieh Jhy-wey (謝志偉) of the Taipei Representative Office in Germany will speak on Taiwan's social environment in the late 1970s, echoing the theme of director Hou Chi-jan's (侯季然) documentary "Taiwan Black Movies." On Aug. 14, director Lucie Liu and writer Kevin Chen are invited to discuss how Liu portrays Taiwanese queers in her documentary "taipeilove*." On Aug. 21, an online concert featuring "Songs of Taiwan" will mark the opening of the film festival.

The Taiwan-themed film festival will run from August 21 to 30, virtual screening of nine films featuring a wide range of subjects, from Taiwanese indigenous wildlife "Formosan B.B. is coming (黑熊來了)," contemporary homosexual issues "Small Talk (日常對話)," to unique genre of martial arts "Vengeance of the Phoenix Sisters (三鳳震武林)," and award winning Taiwanese films, including "Ice Poison (冰毒)" and "City of Jade (翡翠之城)" by Myanmar born Taiwanese film director Midi Z.

The Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in Germany remarked that the Taiwan cultural center in its office building has been converted into an online live studio, so that cultural programs, such as the film festival, can be held as scheduled.

The pre-show lecture and the opening concert will live stream on Facebook. In addition, the organizers have arranged screening on VIMEO of films selected for the festival. Everyone can watch the films online.

Film festival curator Jaye Lin (林婕穎) emphasized that this year the festival adopted a 7-day "Festival Pass," granting festival-goers unlimited access to all nine films for the entire week. Each "Festival Pass" costs 15, 40 Euros and early bird buyers will also receive a limited-edition festival bag. All the films will have English subtitles. Taiwan Film Festival Berlin 2020 invites everyone to join for the film screenings.