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Taiwanese artists reflects on memories in a digital age at MADATAC XI

  • Date:2020-10-26~2021-06-26
Taiwanese artists reflects on memories in a digital age at MADATAC XI

Five Taiwanese artists will be presenting their artworks at the "11th International festival of contemporary audio-visual and new media art (MADATAC XI)" in Spain from Oct. 26 through June 26, 2021. The "Fading Digital Memories (消逝—數位記憶)" virtual exhibition will be exploring the concept of memories, using elements such as simulated and augmented reality, video creations, and mobile and interactive artifacts.

Exhibition curator professor Aaron Chih-yung Chiu (邱誌勇) explained the focus of the exhibition is to discuss how society has moved into the digital age, and how digital memory has changed our traditional way of thinking. Due to the global pandemic, the exhibition has been moved online and the artists have pre-recorded video clips to explain their concepts and creation origins to the viewers.

Artist Alua Wang's (王新仁) installation piece "Paths to the Past & Future (昨日與明日的路徑)," uses 3D scanning equipment to display his hometown, and project its future.

Artist Chen I-chun's (陳依純) "Little Black's Whole Life in the Factory – Second Episode (小黑在工廠中的一輩子1、2)" is a montage displaying the industrialization system from the artist's memory and reflecting on the future of mankind under a capitalistic world.

Artists Huang Wen-Hao and Yeh Ting-hao will be showcasing "Hsiao Ho-wen Project (蕭賀文計畫)," a collection of dancer Hsiao Ho-wen's performances on stage, and digitized and virtualized recording of the late dancer's performances.

Lastly, artist Chen-Wei Chiang's "Mobile Device (「行動」裝置)," re-imagines bionic machinery replacing traditional method of human communication and expression, creating a new type of communication behavior via radio waves from mobile phone dialing.

MADATAC XI festival will be online from Oct. 19 through Nov. 6, and "Fading Digital Memories" will be on view until May 31, 2021. Visit official website and Youtube page for more information.