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Taiwan-Italy exhibition on visual arts takes place in Bologna

  • Date:2024-04-09~2024-05-26
When Two Seas Meet in Bologna

The Museo Civico Archeologico di Bologna is hosting an exhibition titled “When Two Seas Meet in Bologna (當兩個海洋相會在波隆那)” from Apr. 9 to May 26, presenting the works of 60 artists, cartoonists, and illustrators from Taiwan and Italy. 


This exhibition is co-curated by Rex How (郝明義), the chairman of Locus Publishing (大塊文化), and Grazia Gotti, the founder of Accademia Drosselmeier.


This exhibition is separated into two parts. The first, entitled “A sea of creativity: Taiwan,” features Taiwanese digital artists, cartoonists, and illustrators who began participating in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair thirty-five years ago.


The second, entitled “A sea of stories: Davide Calì”, showcases the work of 24 illustrators, both established and emerging, who present never-before-seen interpretations of the works of Davide Calì, a well-known Italian cartoonist and illustrator of children’s books.


For more information, please refer to Museo Civico Archeologico’s event page