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Taiwanese indigenous artist Yosifu Kacaw to premiere new works at Berlin Art Week

  • Date:2022-09-14~2022-10-28
Taiwanese indigenous artist Yosifu Kacaw to premiere new works at Berlin Art Week

In collaboration with Kuchling Gallery (Galerie Kuchling), the Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in Germany will present new works of Taiwanese indigenous artist Yosifu Kacaw (優席夫), such as "I hear the sound of harvest (聽見豐收的聲音)," at the 11th edition of Berlin Art Week from Sep. 14 through Oct. 28.

This year, Yusifu is invited by the Kuchling Gallery and his works will be exhibited from the indigenous theme to the context of Austronesian culture, in the hope that the annual event of Berlin Art Week will show the Taiwanese colors in dialogue with the international art scene.

Born in Hualian County, Taiwan, Yosifu Kacaw belongs to the Amis tribe, an indigenous people in the east of Taiwan. Today the artist lives and works mainly in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is one of the few artists who represents Taiwan’s indigenous culture worldwide and combines Western and Asian styles in his art. In this way, he brings the international audience closer to his hometown on Taiwan’s east coast through color, technique, and form. His art also draws attention to the precarious situation of the indigenous people of his home island. Yosifu has been invited to present his works at Edinburgh International Festival for many times, and he has collectors ranging from Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, England, Spain, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, France, and Korea. Moreover, his paintings have been collected by the official residence of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen.

Founded in 2012, Berlin Art Week is the biggest art and cultural event in the Berlin art scene every autumn. Kuchling Gallery is the newest art exhibition space in the Berlin area, and its diverse contemporary art exhibits have been attracting the attention of international artists.