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Taiwanese interactive artworks to be showcased in Miami

  • Date:2023-11-29~2023-12-03
Taiwanese interactive artworks to be showcased in Miami

Partnered with the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA), the FilmGate Interactive Media Festival (FGI) in Miami, U.S., will stage virtual reality (VR) performances and digital installations from Taiwan, as well as a Taiwan Spotlight session on Dec. 2. 


Organized by the non-profit organization FilmGate Miami, the FGI collaborates with Miami Art Week and Art Basel Miami Beach to exhibit artworks and host forums from Nov. 29 to Dec. 3. It engages with international corporations such as Meta, Microsoft, Unity, and Magic Leap, as well as top art museums from around the world every year.  


This year, Taiwanese artists are invited to the festival to showcase their diverse creations. Among the featured exhibits were five fascinating VR shows and one captivating digital installation, complemented by two mesmerizing dome theater performances. 


The lineup of VR shows includes: “The Eye and I (自監體)” by Huang Hsin-chien (黃心健), “Red Tail (紅尾巴)” by Fish Wang (王登鈺), “Limbotopia in VR (彼岸in VR)” by Hsieh Wen-yee (謝文毅), alongside “All That Remains (遺留)” and “Over the Rainbow (彩虹彼端)” by Riverbed Theater (河床劇團). 


On the other hand, “Monologue – Whisper (耳語),” a digital installation by Tsai Ning (蔡寧), as well as “Limbotopia in Dome (彼岸in Dome)” and “Folding Harmonies (摺疊合聲),” dome theater shows by Hsieh Wen-yee and by Wu Ping-sheng (吳秉聖) respectively, are set to draw the audience into impressive narratives. 


The Taiwan Spotlight session, arranged by the TAICCA and the festival organizer, aims to connect leading techno-cultural enterprises from Taiwan with representatives from the U.S. industry. Planned activities include industrial visits, exchange programs, and business presentations. 


Homme Tsai (蔡嘉駿), the chairman of TAICCA, said that by developing business interactions in the techno-cultural industry, he hopes to showcase Taiwan’s technological prowess on the international stage. 


For more information, please visit the FGI website