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Taiwanese cinematographer to make MoMA debut

  • Date:2016-06-16~2016-06-30

In the Museum of Modern Art's first-ever showcase of an Asian cinematographer, Taiwan's Mark Lee Ping-bing (李屏賓) will be featured in a two-week retrospective program from June 16 through 30.

With support from the Ministry of Culture and the Taipei Cultural Center in New York, "Luminosity: The Art of Cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-bing” will screen fifteen films, including fourteen full-length productions and one documentary to present Lee's unique aesthetics.

Lee, one of the most critically acclaimed cinematographers from Taiwan, is celebrated as "a poet of light and shadow.” Known for his longtime collaboration with director Hou Hsiao-hsien (侯孝賢), Lee has won awards such as the Golden Horse Award for Best Cinematography (a total of six times), and the Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution at the 2016 Berlinale.

MoMA noted that Lee, a master in capturing natural light and shadows with film, has not only recorded the passage of time with his lens, but has vividly presented human emotions with colors. His exquisite composition in films has made him an outstanding artist in the art of cinematography.

Lee will join the opening ceremony on June 16, and speak at several forums on June 17 and 18 to share his cinematographic aesthetics with New York.

More information on Lee and his longtime collaborator Hou can be found at the Cultural Features section. Visit for showtimes and tickets.

‘Luminosity: The Art of Cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-bing'

  • Date: June 16 - 30, 2016
  • Venue: Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
  • Address: 11 West 53 Street, New York
  • Tickets:

"Crosscurrent” 超《長江圖》

  • June 16 @ 7pm (with introductions by Lee)

"Strawman” 童《稻草人》

  • June 17 @ 5.30pm
  • June 25 @ 7.30pm

"Flowers of Shanghai” 侯孝賢《海上花》

  • June 17 @ 7.30pm (with Q&A by Lee)
  • June 29 @ 7.30pm

"Dust in the Wind” 侯孝賢《戀戀風塵》

  • June 18 @ 2.30pm
  • June 25 @ 2pm

A Conversation with Cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-Bing

  • June 18 @ 5pm (hosted by MoMA curator La Frances Hui)

"Springtime in a Small Town” 田壯壯《小城之春》

  • June 18 @ 7.30pm
  • June 30 @ 7.30pm

"Let the Wind Carry Me” 姜秀瓊、關本良《乘著光影旅行》

  • June 19 @ 2.30pm
  • June 27 @ 6pm

"The Vertical Ray of the Sun” directed by Tran Anh Hung《夏天的滋味》

  • June 19 @ 4.30pm
  • June 28 @ 7.30pm

"Renoir” directed by Gilles Bourdos《印象雷諾瓦》

  • June 20 @ 5pm
  • June 26@ 2.30pm

"In the Mood for Love” 王家衛《花樣年華》

  • June 20 @ 7.30pm

"Claustrophobia” directed by Ivy Ho《親密》

  • June 21 @ 5pm
  • June 26 @ 5pm

"Norwegian Wood” directed by Tran Anh Hung《挪威的森林》

  • June 21 @ 7.30pm
  • June 24 @ 4.30pm

"The Rooftop” 周杰倫《天台》

  • June 22 @ 5pm
  • June 23 @ 7.30pm

"Eighteen Springs” 許鞍華《半生緣》

  • June 22 @ 7.30pm

"The Assassin” 侯孝賢《刺客聶隱娘》

  • June 23 @ 5pm
  • June 24 @ 7.30pm

"The Puppetmaster” 侯孝賢《戲夢人生》

  • June 25 @ 4.30pm