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Cutting-edge new media show to unfurl in Long Beach

  • Date:2016-03-11~2016-05-29
Cutting-edge new media show to unfurl in Long Beach

An exhibition featuring video, virtual, interactive, and robotic art from Taiwan will run at the Long Beach Museum of Art from March 11 through May 29.

"Beyond the Frame: New Media Arts from Taiwan,” the main 2016 spring exhibition at LBMA, is an innovative exhibition featuring new media artists who continually evolve their creative practice in line with rapid advances in media technology.

The six featured artists - Daniel Lee (李小鏡), Shyu Ruey-shiann (徐瑞憲), Tseng Wei-hao (曾偉豪), Wu Chi-tsung (吳季璁), Lin Jiun-ting (林俊廷), and Yao Chung-han (姚仲涵) - harness artistic tradition and modern technology to re-conceptualize the form and medium of art.

Lee calls to attention the common origin of all life on earth in "Origin (源),” a series of manipulated images and animation depicting a fantasized sequence of evolution, while the organic rhythm of mechanical rollers in Shyu's "Eight Drunken Immortals (醉八仙)” imitates life itself.

Audio clues then become the only key to escaping Tseng's labyrinth-like installation "Sound Maze (迷宮),” and vision is further confounded by the waxing and waning of ghastly landscapes projected through a small piece of metal mesh in Wu's "Wire II (鐵絲網II).”

Last but not least, interactive technology comes into play in "Spirit of Flower (花靈-華顏),” Lin's wall of digital peonies that bloom in anticipation of approaching visitors, and in "DzDz(動次動次),” an audio light show by Yao that allows visitors to manipulate the rhythm by interfering with the light beams.

"Beyond the Frame” is curated by Josiane Lai (賴麗惠) and supported by the Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles, InART Space, Imprint, and interTrend Communications.

Click here for samples of their works.

'Beyond the Frame: New Media Arts from Taiwan'

  • Date: March 11 - May 29, 2016
  • Venue: Long Beach Museum of Art
  • Address: 2300 E Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, CA
  • Admission: US$7 for students, US$6 for seniors
  • Site: