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Taiwanese sound, kinetic art travels to NY

  • Date:2015-06-26~2015-07-20

Four sound artists from Taiwan will join an international exhibition on Governors Island off Manhattan as part of the 2015 New York Electronic Arts Festival.

With support from the Ministry of Culture, Taiwanese artists Dawang "Yingfan” Huang (黃大旺), Lin Chi-wei (林其蔚), Shyu Ruey-shiann (徐瑞憲), and Zhang You-sheng (張又升) will have their creations showcased at the festival established to call attention to "the most advanced technology that is rapidly altering the conditions of our lives.”

"Yingfan's Blackwolf Nagashi” is a live performance featuring Huang and his unique definition of karaoke. By using pre-recorded audio broadcasted by the lead singer, the live band serves a different purpose on stage.

"Tape Player,” an interactive installation whose sounds will be defined by the random and temporal gathering of visitors (nee participants), was created by Lin in his attempt to use the audience as the electronic component of electronic music.

"River of Childhood” ventures into the realm of kinetic art, where Shyu uses dozens of motion-triggered ceramic boats to explore the relationship between mankind and nature.

"The Formation of the Worm” attempts to "sculpt” sound, as if it were a piece of wood or history. Zhang's underlying premise is that sound exists before mankind, and that the artist is not the source of sound, but an observer and sculptor.

The exhibition on Governors Island (Nolan Park Building 5a5b) will run through July 20.

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