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Monumental ‘embryonic’ sculptures from Taiwan to debut in NYC & DC

  • Date:2018-05-17~2019-03-31
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Taiwan's Kang Muxiang (康木祥), maker of giant steel installations by upcycling elevator cables, will be the featured artist at the summer art showcase of the Garment District Plazas in Midtown Manhattan.


Born to a family of craftsmen in Taiwan's wood-carving heartland of Miaoli, Kang started his path as a wood artisan, honing his traditional techniques and craft skills before traveling abroad in seek of new experiences and inspirations.


Finding a penchant for discarded materials such as driftwood and old elevator cables from Taipei 101, Kang has since been creating contemporary sculptures that symbolize rebirth and life, earning his artwork the description of "monumental embryonic sculptures."


His seven-piece showcase in Midtown Manhattan, titled "Rebirth," will include celebrated works exploring wisdom that is passed on from one generation to the next ("Regeneration"), human life as a collective whole ("Twin Life"), environmental awareness ("The Worried Whale"), and the peace of mind that comes from embracing nature ("Serenity").


Gerald Scupp, Vice President of the Garment District Alliance (GDA), noted that "The Alliance is pleased to be working with Kang to present seven large scale works from the Rebirth series on three plazas." 


"The installation will not only be an aesthetic enhancement, but it will also provide a powerful artistic and environmental message to the many New Yorkers and visitors from around the world who will view these tremendous sculptures," he added.


Prior to the opening ceremony of the exhibition on May 17, Kang will discuss art and the creative journey of his "Rebirth" series on the eve of May 16 at the Taipei Cultural Center in New York. Register for the free event here.


"Rebirth" is part of the Garment District Alliance's "Art on the Plazas" program, and is produced in cooperation with the NYC Department of Transportation's "Arterventions" initiative.

After Sept. 15, the "Rebirth" series will travel to Washington, DC and be displayed at the outdoor areas of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in the United States, University of the District of Columbia, and Taiwan's historic Twin Oaks estate on 3225 Woodley Road. 

'Rebirth: New York City' 

'Rebirth: Washington, DC'