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2021 LunarFest in the Year of the Ox

  • Date:2021-02-06
2021 LunarFest in the Year of the Ox

With support from the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles collaborated with the Asian-Canadian Special Events Association (ACSEA) to present "2021 LunarFest" to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Ox. Themed "Family is Everything," LunarFest will launch a series of virtual and in-person events from Feb. 11 to Feb. 28.

Online events will include "Firecracker Workshop (紙鞭炮-校園巡迴計畫)," "Family Dinners," "Family Stories," "Ox-picious lantern making & parade (牛年幸福輪紙雕燈籠手作x線上遊行)," "Fortune Telling – The Bullish Future (好運求籤節目)," and "Lunar Craft Studio (手作工作坊)."

A virtual dinner "Melting Pot, I Think Not (文化圍爐)" will bring together multi-ethnic families in Taiwan and Canada through hot pot dishes.

Additionally, there will be an online storytelling concert "The Island Family (都是家的故事-音樂故事節目)" by Hakka singer Huang Wei-jie (黃瑋傑), Japanese bassist Toru Hayakawa and Mongolian-Taiwanese guitarist Jiya Urianghai, which tells the stories of people who are away from home, such as migrant workers, new residents, and Taiwanese indigenous peoples.

In-person physical event will include an outdoor exhibition of "Lantern City (城光藝境)," including "Coastal Lunar Lanterns - Family Ties," and "Community Lanterns - We are Family." 

"Coastal Lunar Lanterns - Family Ties," will present renowned Musqueam artist Susan Point of Canada who leads her family of artists, including Thomas Cannell (son), Kelly Cannell (daughter), and Summer Cannell (granddaughter), to have an artistic and cultural dialogue with artist Pairang Pavavaljung's family, including Sakuliu Pavavalung (son), Etan Pavavalung (son) and Reretan Pavavaljung (grandson) from the Paiwan tribe in Taiwan. Eight lanterns with designs from two Indigenous families originating from two ends of the Pacific Ocean will be on display to illustrate the inseparable connection between nature and family.

"Community Lanterns – We are Family" exhibition will feature six lantern installations by Canadian artists from different communities, symbolizing a coming together of the communities and a celebration of diversity.

Starting in 2009, LunarFest was designed to celebrate one of the oldest traditions in many Asian cultures – Lunar New Year. LunarFest aims to cooperate with many Asian communities to foster the collaboration of Canadian and international cultural presenters to create new forms of artistic expressions.

For more details, visit 2021 LunarFest website and Lantern City website.