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Artist Wu Chi-tsung's solo exhibition opens in New York

  • Date:2021-11-05~2021-12-18
Artist Wu Chi-tsung's solo exhibition opens in New York

Taiwanese artist Wu Chi-tsung(吳季璁)'s solo exhibition "jing-atmospheres" will take place at the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York from Nov. 5 to Dec. 18 to present his "Cyano-Collage" series as well as representative videos, installation works that integrate Western and Eastern aesthetics.

"Wu Chi-Tsung: jing-atmospheres" is Wu Chi-tsung's first solo exhibition in the United States. He became the first Taiwanese artist to organize a solo exhibition since the COVID-19 crisis began in New York last spring.

The Sean Kelly Gallery, established in 1991, is located near Hudson Yards in West Manhattan. The main gallery will display a series of his new works titled "Cyano-Collage," two of which are especially designed for a spacious gallery, serving as the highlights of the exhibition.

Wu's "Still Life (小品之十四-黃梅)" series that conceptually translate motifs of traditional cut-branch flower painting into time-based moving images is also presented in the main gallery, featuring traditional paintings of flowers and birds to communicate his nostalgia for painting, as it retraces the emotions and memories that have slowly disappeared in life. Installation artworks such as "Wire (鐵絲網)" and "Dust (灰塵)" are presented in the front and lower gallery.

Born in 1981 in Taipei, Wu Chi-Tsung currently lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan and Berlin, Germany. He is active in the international art scene, and his works include photography, video, installation and painting. Under the influence of Eastern and Western aesthetics, Wu replaced the pen and ink used in traditional painting in "Cyano-Collage" by representing landscape art through photography, and incorporated traditional aesthetics into a modern style. He uses modern and contemporary techniques such as using special solutions, crumpling, and light exposure to create different tones on rice paper, and then applying it unto aluminum panels to form an image that resembles traditional landscape art.

(Photo courtesy of Wu Chi-tsung Studio)