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Celebrate multiculturalism with film and literature tour

  • Date:2022-10-05~2022-11-02
Celebrate multiculturalism with film and literature tour

In collaboration with the University of Scranton and others, the Taipei Cultural Center in New York invited scholar Hsin-Chin Evelyn Hsieh (謝欣芩), author Chen Yu-chin (陳又津), and documentary director Wu Yu-ying (吳郁瑩) to go on a lecture and screening tour from Oct. 5 to Nov. 2 to introduce Taiwan literature and film to faculty and students in the U.S. and exchange thoughts on migration and multicultural issues.

As an associate professor of the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature at National Taiwan University, Hsieh organized a series of lectures and documentary screenings based on the theme "Life on the Move." According to Hsieh, transnational migration is a global phenomenon while immigration has been a crucial issue in both Taiwanese and American society. The "Life on the Move" program's goal is to connect the United States and Taiwan on issues pertaining to transnational migration, race, and human rights through Taiwanese literary works and films.

With the support of the Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute, films related to transnational migration including "The Good Daughter (阿紫)," "The Immortal's Play (神戲)," "Out/Marriage (失婚紀)," and "The Price of Democracy (狂飆一夢)" are selected to be screened. The director of the documentary "The Good Daughter" is specially invited to participate in the tour. "The Good Daughter" is the first full-length documentary that Wu directed was nominated for Best Documentary at the 56th Golden Horse Film Festival and won Best Documentary and Best Editing at the 2020 Taipei Film Festival.

The "Life on the Move" lecture will be held in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Virginia, and Maryland, and will tour the University of Scranton, Wesleyan University, Quinnipiac University, Randolph-Macon College, and Goucher College among others.