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Documentary on Taiwanese folk customs and culture showcased in the US

  • Date:2022-11-16
Documentary on Taiwanese folk customs and culture showcased in the US

The inaugural Taiwan Expo USA 2022 (2022年美國台灣形象展), which features a series of events, was held in Washington, D.C. in October. As part of the event, traditional musical instruments, as well as cultural representatives of Taiwanese folk religions, such as gongs, drums, deity's palanquin, and a pair of large body puppets of Taiwan's temple door gods "Wind and Fire Generals (風童火將)" were transported to the US, with the aim of showcasing Taiwan's vibrant culture.

The General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC) released a new documentary titled "Taiwan Fusion Documentary (台灣陣全紀錄)" on its social media platform, showing a rare glimpse behind the scenes of how these props were transported from Taiwan to the US. GACC secretary-general Lee Hou-ching (李厚慶) stated that the most eye-catching display was the pair of large body puppets of "Wind and Fire Generals." They were brought to the United States by staff members of the GACC and Lei Sheng Art Group (雷昇傳藝劇團), took a 13-hour flight and went on a pilgrimage across seven states at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and other famous landmarks during Columbus Day.

Taiwan's traditional religious performances by the Lei Sheng Art Group as well as eight exhibits and five videos were also presented to introduce Taiwanese folk customs and culture. According to GACC, the three-day event attracted more than 8,300 visitors. Visitors regarded the live performances as one of the highlights at this year's Taiwan Expo USA, including the lion dance, a common sight at Taiwanese temple events; the Third Prince Nezha, a deity in Taiwanese folk religion; the "Wind and Fire Generals (風童火將)" and more.

(Photo courtesy of GACC)