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Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival returns with 14 curated films

  • Date:2022-08-05~2022-08-14
Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival returns with 14 curated films

The 2022 Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival is back this August at the VIFF Centre from Aug. 5 to 7, and online from Aug. 8 to 14, under the theme of "The Palette of Life." The festival returns for its 16th year with a total of 14 films that span multiple topics and genres, along with three panel discussions, to promote cultural exchange between Taiwan and Canada and allow the public to have a deeper understanding of Taiwan’s vibrant and ingenious culture.

The opening film "Goddamned Asura (該死的阿修羅)" centers around a teenager who shot randomly at the crowds in a night market for unknown reasons. The tragic incident caused a strong impact on the lives of six people. With the exquisite script and solid acting, the film was nominated in three categories at the 2021 Golden Horse Film Festival and won the Best Supporting Actress Award. It also won the Best Supporting Actress, Best Music, and Best Screenplay awards at the Taipei Film Festival.

The lineup of the films also includes other award-winning films such as "Listen Before You Sing (聽見歌 再唱)," "Increasing Echo (修行)," "Grit (鱷魚)," and "The Child of Light (光的孩子)." The timeless classic Taiwanese animated movie "Grandma and Her Ghosts (魔法阿媽)," the 2020 Golden Horse Best Animation winner "City of Lost Things (廢棄之城)," and the 2020 Golden Horse Best Visual Effects nominee "Hello! Tapir (嗨!神獸)."

In recent years, Canada and Taiwan have demonstrated their determination in attaching importance to the rights of indigenous peoples. The TWFF will be screening "The Mountain (靈山)" and "Muakai's Wedding (Muakai的跨世紀婚禮)" to bring the stories of Taiwanese indigenous peoples to a wider audience.