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Taiwanese independent bands rock Japan, concluding the Taiwan Cultural Showcase

  • Date:2023-09-06
Taiwanese independent bands rock Japan, concluding the Taiwan Cultural Showcase

The Taiwan Cultural Center in Japan, in collaboration with the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media hosted the Taiwan Cultural Showcase on Aug 7. At the exhibition space, Moon Romantic in Aoyama, Tokyo, a concert featuring independent Taiwanese music bands was held under the theme “Ilha Formosa.”

The TCC has been collaborating with important venues in various locations in recent years to promote the core content and industry of Taiwanese culture in the Japanese art scene. This time, they took the initiative to collaborate with the YCAM to create the inaugural Taiwan Cultural Showcase. The content included screenings of classic and contemporary Taiwanese films, a concert by independent bands, and themed lectures. Through this series of screening events, they aim to create a wonderful experience of encountering Taiwanese culture throughout Japan.

The Taiwan Cultural Showcase kicked off with a film screening. From July 19 to Aug. 6, martial arts masterpieces, iconic works of Taiwanese New Wave cinema, and works related to the White Terror, transitional justice, and student movement issues were screened at the YCAM. They also hosted three post-screening discussions, inviting industry professionals from Taiwan and Japan who were involved in film production and distribution to attend.

On July 22, a themed lecture invited Wu Da-kun (吳達坤), the curator of the Contemporary Culture Experiment Lab (C-LAB) in Taiwan, to share the establishment and development direction of C-LAB, recent major exhibitions, and international collaborations. On Aug. 6, Japanese writer Hikari Sumiki, who was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture and now resides in Taiwan, talked about the historical connections between Taiwan and Yamaguchi Prefecture, presenting the diversity and vitality of Taiwanese culture.

The highlight of the event was the music concert “Ilha Formosa,” featuring Taiwanese independent bands Prairie WWWW (落差草原), Mong Tong, and Lilium (百合花), which attracted over a hundred audience members.